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English Translations of Classical Chinese Texts


Tsai-Hsien CHANG (張在賢) (1919 - 2006)

Mr Tsai-Hsien CHANG was a scholar in both English and Chinese. He majored in English at Fu Jen University in China, and obtained a MA in linguistics from the University of Michigan. He took up teaching positions at various universities including National Taiwan Normal University and University of Melbourne in Australia.

Mr Chang did these translations in his retirement in Melbourne in the 1990s. He printed a few hundred copies of these books for friends. His children are now putting these translations on the web so the public can get access to them.
We are still in the process of building this website. There are around 50 pieces of classical Chinese texts, as well as numerous Tang poems. There is also a collection of matched Chinese and English idioms.

We have a limited number of copies of the printed books left. If you are interested to get these, please email Margaret Wu (wu@edmeasurement.com.au). We will not charge for the books, but we may charge for postage if the address is outside Australia.