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English Translations of Classical Chinese Texts


by Tsai-Hsien CHANG (張在賢)

1. A Harsh Government Is Worse Than a Tiger (苛政猛於虎)
2. Two Children Arguing About the Sun (兩小兒辯日)
3. Zou Ji’s Advice to the King (鄒忌諷齊王納諫)
4. The Fox and the Tiger (狐假虎威)
5. Chun Yu Kun and the King of Qi (淳于髨諫齊王)
6. Selling Horses (賣馬)
7. Master Zhuang in a Funeral Procession (郢人漫堊為質)
8. Master Zhuang and the Skull (髑髏)
9. The Pleasure of the Fish (魚之樂)
10. The Sacred Turtle (神龜)
11. Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (莊周與胡蝶)
12. Master Zhuang on Death (莊子喪妻)
13. Pretty and Ugly (美與惡)
14. Autumn Rivers (秋水)
15. A Perch in a Dry Rut (涸轍之鮒)
16. Xue Ju Zhou and the King of Song State (薛居州與宋王)